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Plant-Based Resins

Our plant-based Resins.

Plant-Based resins made from unique renewable ingredients.

It is approved by “ TÜV” and complies with the EU standard EN 13432.

This high quality biopolymer is a renewable non-GMO raw material. It is biodegradable, compostable and contributes to the reduction of micro-plastics on land and in the ocean.

Compared to conventional plastics and paper, it has significantly lower CO²-emissions when incinerated and no toxic smoke.

Whilst other existing biomaterials exhibit one or more of this qualities, none of them combines all, making this high quality biopolymer the most versatile biomaterial available: renewable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and convertible to bioenergy.

These Plant-Based resins
are a very good candidate for replacement of conventional plastics currently on the market, including PP, PE, PET and PS. It can be used in existing machineries and allows more energy efficient production due to lower temperature needs.
We offer this product for a wide range of applications, including film blowing, injection molding, thermoforming, bottle blowing and sheet extrusion.

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Plant-Based resins

Plant-Based resins benefits

100% plant-based
100% petroleum-free
100% non-GMO
100% compostable
100% free of toxic
100% safe to burn

So much benefits over fossil plastic. Let’s get in touch and switch to a plant-based plastic and leave fossil plastic behind. Let’s go for green!!

Resin: 100287

Film blowing (blown film).

Down gauging to 10 μm possible, typical thicknesses: 15 -120 μm

is designed for use as flow pack material, but can also be used for top film, provided that a sealing layer is added. Color is transparant. It is not suited for bags or similar applications. 



Resin: 100282

Film blowing (blown film & possibly cast film). Down gauging to 10 μm possible, typical thicknesses: 15 -120 μm

is designed for slight transparent material for bags. It is also used for  net material for fruit-vegetables, and other applications needing good tensile properties for both MD and TD


Resin: 100375

Film blowing (blown film). thin film application (thickness to be checked)

This grade is similar to (100310) but lower quality very simple film applications; is suitable for agricultural film. the calcium carbonate is be a fertilizer for the soil.



resin: 100370

Film blowing (blown film & possibly cast film).

Down gauging to 10 μm possible, typical thicknesses: 15 -120 μm

Plant-Based resins designed for general film application, without PLA.


resin: 100236

Injection Moulding

After converted to molds parts, the products obtained food contact cerftificate from Normpack (for cutlery & catering)


Resin: 100377

Injection Moulding

EN 13432Industrial Compost (DIN CERTCO) up to 1000 microns as finished goods (7P2102)

Excellent for caps of preforms.


Resin: 100328


Certificate =EN 13432. Industrial Compost (DIN CERTCO) up to 1000 microns as granules. Application is straw


End of life solutions

Plant-based resin have several end of life solutions. They can be: recycled, composted, and burned without any tocix outcome.


Not only a lot of environmental benefits, but plant-based resin gives your company a great marketing tool to show your customers you care.

Large network of partners

With a large network of partners, we can provide a wide range of different plant-based resins, end products and relevant other products.

Environmental impact

Reducing your CO2 footprint, Lowering the amount of toxic fossil plastic waste,

Our end of life solutions

Home or industrial compostable Plant-Based resins

but also recyclable and safe to burn, without toxic residue.