Compostable Products

Other compostable products

Our other compostable products.

A lot of different compostable products and other add-ons.

There are 100ths different plant-based products on the market. With our network of worldwide manufacturers, we can supply a lot of compostable products.

With a wide range of suppliers and partners we can handle your request for compostable products and other relevant products like composting machines, collection material and complete blowmolding systems. 


Are you in need of compostable productsand you need a high quality manufacturer that can deliver your needs, let’s get in touch. 
We believe compostable products have so much benefits above the fossil plastic ones. Most of our products are not only compostable but also recyclable and safe to burn. 

compostable straws
compostable cutlery

Product benefits

100% plant-based
100% petroleum-free
100% non-GMO
100% compostable
100% free of toxic
100% safe to burn

So much benefits over fossil plastic. Let’s get in touch and switch to a plant-based plastic and leave fossil plastic behind. 

Our bottles

bio-plastic composting machine

Composting machine

A composting machine that can compost food waste and bio-plastic within 24-48 hours into grey water. 

bioplastic news: compostable preforms

Preforms bottling line

A large bottling line manufacturer is being a partner for many years. High quality with superb service.

compostable preforms

blowmolding machines

PLA bottles, caps and labels can be made transparent and opaque. great to use for water, dairy and juices. 

compostable cutlery

Compostable cutlery

Closed-loop events can become fully fossil plastic-free. Combine the PLA bottles with cutlery, plates and cups from PLA. 

compostable straws

Plant-based straws

Straws are one of the most polluted single-use plastics of all time. Make your straws from plant-based material and become greener.

compostable coffee capsules, eco friendly, compostable

compostable coffeecups

No problems with finding a good end of life for coffee cups. Finally they can be made from 100% plant-based material

compostable coffee cups

plant-based cups

Plant-based cups are ideal in combination with other compostable products. No more fossil plastic needed in your cantine or event.

composatble bottle

collection material

Collect the PLA bottles, caps, and labels separately on location to create the perfect closed loop. 

End of life solutions

Plant-based plastics have several end of life solutions. They can be: recycled, composted, and burned without any tocix outcome.


Not only a lot of environmental benefits, but plant-based plastic gives your company a great marketing tool to show your customers you care.

Large network of partners

With a large network of partners, we can provide a wide range of different plant-based resins, and compostable products and relevant other products.

Environmental impact

Reducing your CO2 footprint, Lowering the amount of toxic fossil plastic waste,

Our end of life solutions

Home or industrial compostable products

but also recyclable and safe to burn, without toxic residue.