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  • Urban biorefinery
    In rich countries, the urban biorefinery is a much sought after goal, albeit difficult to arrive at. Much sought after because we could solve out waste problem by this concept. Difficult to arrive at because our waste is such a ... Read more The post Urban biorefinery appeared first on Bio Based Press.
  • 100% solar, wind and batteries: it’s happening already
    It isn’t recognized generally yet, but the combination of solar, wind and batteries can supply the whole world with electricity. Writes RethinkX in its latest newsletter. This is happening already in many parts of the world, part of the year. ... Read more The post 100% solar, wind and batteries: it’s happening already appeared first […]
  • Food without agriculture
    People must eat. The vast majority of what we eat originates from agriculture. But this produces roughly one quarter of global greenhouse emissions. Can we avoid that? Produce synthetic food that comes with much less environmental problems? And if so, ... Read more The post Food without agriculture appeared first on Bio Based Press.
  • Secrets of the deep sea
    As researchers succeed in tagging oceanic predators, they discover new facts about the deep sea. Many animals dive very deep, even to where light doesn’t penetrate anymore. It’s indescribable, what they unveil. The pressure, the cold and the dark Knowable ... Read more The post Secrets of the deep sea appeared first on Bio Based […]
  • Curbing plastics production
    The Conversation informed us about the negotiations on a global pact on plastic.  A penultimate round of negotiations recently ended in Ottawa – the last stage will take place later in November in South Korea. Countries agreed that they should ... Read more The post Curbing plastics production appeared first on Bio Based Press.
  • Alternative proteins
    Alternative proteins receive more attention. Meaning: proteins not from animal origin. Like vegetal products, and fermentation and artificial meat and fish. Much progress is being made. Major growth On, Hannah van der Korput recounts that in 2023, companies producing ... Read more The post Alternative proteins appeared first on Bio Based Press.
  • Seaweed products for a sustainable food chain
    On this site, we devoted attention several times to seaweed and seaweed products. Developed among others by The Seaweed Company, an enterprise located in Ireland, Morocco, India and the Netherlands. Recently, the company organized Seaposium ’24. A gathering intended to ... Read more The post Seaweed products for a sustainable food chain appeared first on […]
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