Compostable Packaging

We specialize in assisting businesses as they transition from traditional fossil-based plastic packaging to sustainable, plant-based, and compostable alternatives.
Leveraging our extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers, we offer expert guidance to help you make informed decisions on your journey toward eliminating single-use plastics.

Plant-Based resins
PLA from sugarcane

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Welcome to, your gateway to sustainable packaging solutions.

We are strong advocates for plant-based, compostable packaging, and our mission is to assist your company in the transition away from fossil-based plastics. Are you in search of eco-friendly alternatives for your product packaging, looking to reduce your reliance on oil-based plastics? Allow us to guide you in finding the ideal solution.

We don’t claim that plant-based materials are a one-size-fits-all solution, as we understand that different products and packaging requirements vary. What we aim to do is present the possibilities that plant-based materials offer and work with you to determine if and how they can suit your specific product and packaging needs.

Within our extensive global network, we collaborate with numerous companies, ensuring you’ll find a partner capable of manufacturing your plant-based products should we collectively decide that this is the way forward.

Let’s initiate a conversation and embark on this journey towards sustainable, plant-based materials together.

Different kind of materials to choose from

PLA, PBS, PHA, PBAT, PA, PCL, PE, PHVB and PP. Do you know which one to use? And that's only the frequently used bio-based or biodegradable plastics.

Benefits of plant-based materials

Plant-based packaging can have many benefits. They have multiple end of life solutions, are made from renewable resources. And have a much better story to tell to costumers.

End of life solutions that benefit my product

industrial composting? Home composting? chemical recycling? mechanical recycling? Incinetation? Which of the end of life solutions will fit for your product?

Becoming Single use fossil plastic free

Do you want to become single use fossil plastic free with your location? We like to work together with you in finding a solution for every fossil plastic product you use.

Regulation for my product and packaging

Every supplier we work with, has their documents in place for industrial or home compostability. These test are done by international well known institute, and 100% valet.

Machines for my plant-based production process

Together with you and our machine manufacturering partners we will look at ways how to produce your product or packaging on the existing machines. When we need an add-on our new machine for the production we cansupport you in this process.

Some of Our compostable packaging Projects

Plant-Based resins

The right compostable packaging - wrapping to make a distributioncentre 100% plant-based.

A PLA bottled water production line

PLA resin

Finding a buyer for overstock resin

Testing a magic sauce for composting bio-plastic into a composting machine within 7-days.

Advising several juice companies that wanne switch to plant-based bottles.

recycling PLA

Finding a value added end of life for plant-based - PLA product.

bioplastic news: compostable pallet wrapping

Finding and developing a shrink wrap plant-based - compostable packaging

first aid kit making into plant-based packaging

putting our network at work to find a plant-based solution for a first add kid.

compostable cosmetic packaging

Advising in the right plant-based cosmetic compostable packaging.

New plant-based products

PLA Vials 2
PLA collar 3
plant-based gloves 1
PLA - Plantbased plates - clamshells - trays - PFAS free
PLA - Plantbased plates - clamshells - trays - PFAS free
PLA - Plantbased plates - clamshells - trays - PFAS free

Bioplastic News

Learn more on nio-plastics and the development of these interesting group of materials. Let's change the future in a greener one.

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